Hip & Stylish Boardshorts for Kids

For the comfort it provides alone, boardshorts for kids are the go-to swimwear for children, especially boys. They think that boardies are cool as the surfers who wear them. Of course, our kids want to be surfers someday and the closest thing they can get to that dream is to wear boardshorts. That aside, Get After It® understands the cool factor boardshorts bring to children of all ages. That’s why we have a wide collection that features fun prints and designs in bright colours.

Our boardshorts for kids are made from high-quality materials. From the quick-drying fabric to the elastic waistbands and waist tie, there is no room for these boardies to slip off, especially if they fit perfectly! Kids would love to have that kind of security, especially when they swim and dive into the water as they won’t need to keep pulling up their boardies. The boardshorts come with pockets too just in case the kids find something to treasure as they explore the beach.


Smart and Versatile

Perfect for the beach, our boardshorts for kids are smart and versatile. Smart in terms of it making the perfect bottom for any top the kids will be wearing, whether it’s a sleeveless shirt or a t-shirt made of light material. And if the kids need to be at a beach party where they have to wear a button shirt? Well, our kids’ boardshorts are just what you need to make them look smart and stylish.

On the other hand, the boardshorts are versatile enough in and out of the water. Remember, boardies are meant for surfing and not swimming. They should stay on the waist and move with the body; that should make the kids enjoy riding the waves or just simply wading through them, on their tummies on board a surfboard. Or if they fancy being by the beach and building sandcastles, the quick-dry fabric allows them to get comfortable sitting on the sand doing their thing.

Whatever the case may be, your kids will surely look cool and stylish with our collection of boardshorts that have a variety of colours and prints as they make summer memories at the beach.


The Convenience of Boardies

Because children are very active, they need to wear boardshorts when going to the beach. Boardshorts do not restrict their movement as compared to swimming trunks. They feel more comfortable and convenient in and out of the water. Boardies also help prevent skin irritation, especially when they’re out in the water for a long time. It also provides more sun protection as opposed to trunks.

The length of the boardshorts makes them look more like their everyday shorts unlike when they’re wearing trunks. This makes it very convenient for kids to just go straight to the house and get something then back to the beach for some more fun. The fabrics used in our boardshorts for kids are highly breathable and absorbent. So kids can still feel cool under the heat and humid weather by the beach.


The Stylish Boardshorts for Kids

Founded in Australia, Get After It® designs and develops unique athletic apparel with a focus on fishing and other water sports like surfing, jet skiing, and the like. We create clothing that you can wear at play and outdoors, or for occasions where dressing up smart counts a lot. We also make children’s wear that incorporates fun, functionality, and comfort, including our hip and stylish collection of boardshorts for kids. It’s the kind of apparel you would want for your kids to wear—practical without sacrificing quality and style. Let your young ones wear them and be comfortable in their own skin. At Get After It®, we want the kids to do more than just wear it. They have to Live it!