Get After It Australia

Dive into the untamed spirit of Australia with Get After It – where freedom is a lifestyle and our love for the outdoors is contagious.

Here at Get After It, we don’t merely endure life – we seize it,
celebrate it, and get lost in its unbounded beauty. Our essence is rooted in the Australian ethos - a love for wide-open spaces, an irresistible pull towards the thrill of the unknown, and an undying thirst for adventure.

Free & Wild

As the pandemic raged and lockdowns confined us indoors, we were confronted by an unexpected challenge. Our
children, once free and wild, were shackled within four walls, their lives increasingly entwined with the cold, impersonal realm of technology. The chasm between them and the call of the wild grew, their anxiety mounted, and we understood that a radical transformation was urgently needed. The time had come to dust off the cobwebs of confinement and rekindle the spirit of adventure that lay dormant within their hearts, waiting for the opportunity to explore the awe-inspiring mysteries of the great outdoors.

In response

We conceived Get After It - not just an apparel brand, but a call to arms, a revolution, a movement. We're not merely your provider of surf, street, skate and fishing gear; we're an emblem of daring, a spark igniting the torch of discovery. Our clothes are more than just fabric, they’re tokens of freedom, crafted to accompany you as you liberate yourself from the ordinary and immerse in the sheer magnificence of
the wild.

Every Stitch

Every stitch, every choice of fabric, every design is an homage to the audacious spirits who refuse to be boxed in. We are
committed to fashioning apparel that’s as rugged, resilient, and riveting as the adventurers who wear them – always primed to chase the perfect wave, brave the turbulent seas, or skate through the boundless expanses of life.


However, our dedication extends beyond just offering superior-quality gear. We strive to be your mentor, your muse, your fellow pioneer in this grand journey of life. Through our vibrant social media channels, we narrate the compelling tales of ordinary individuals who have dared to live the "Get After It" ethos in extraordinary ways. Their odysseys, their triumphs, their tribulations – all serve as potent reminders of the exhilarating life that resides beyond the four walls.

Get After It welcomes you

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newbie yearning to break free, Get After It welcomes you. We invite you to join our ever-growing community of thrill-seekers, nature-lovers, and freedom fighters. Together, let's inspire and be inspired. Let’s replace the humdrum with excitement, the ordinary with the extraordinary, and embrace the
mesmerising thrill of truly living.

So, step outside, breathe in the wild air, feel the exhilarating rush of adventure coursing through your veins. Get After It! After all, life is but a fleeting moment, a transient dream. Let’s make it a grand adventure. Let’s make it a journey worth remembering. Let’s make it… unforgettable. Because we're not just any company – we're Get After It, and
we're quintessentially Australian.


"Not Just A Brand But A Lifestyle"
"Be With People Who Match Your Energy"
"Make Every Moment Count"