Unveil the Journey: Behind the Seams of Our Legacy 🌟

Unveil the Journey: Behind the Seams of Our Legacy 🌟


Who Are We?


We get asked all the time why we started a clothing business. I mean, there is lots out there, so what would make ours any different? Well they say every good story starts around a few beer's, and that's exactly where our story began! 

We were on holidays in Airlie Beach in 2019. We decided to do a bit of a Jet Ski Tour with the legends down there around the Whitsundays. I mean why not right?  We had an amazing day, came back to the motel, put out a cheese and bickies platter and the brains started ticking. Why not open one where we live? There is nothing like it around. We will do this and then start apparel to go with it. So over the next few months we bought a couple of Jet Ski's, registered the business name, sought out legal advice and trying to get the dreaded insurance, this part was tricky with so much risk. Then BAM... Covid happened. Not a great time to start a Jet Ski tour business. Ok.... so onto the next adventure then! 

So again sitting at home having a few drinks and Get After It was born. And as they the rest is history! 

But Get After It Australia is more than just a brand; it's a movement, a rallying cry for those who refuse to be tethered by fear or convention. We stand for the adventurers, the dreamers, the rebels, and the trailblazers who embody the true essence of the Australian spirit. Our story is your story, a mosaic of individual tales of triumph, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We want to encourage you that life doesn't just have to be the same routine day in and out. Get out there, apply for that new job, conquer those fears and join that gym, talk to that girl that give you butterfly's, take that holiday you have always wanted... the list goes on. Don't just exist, live your life to the fullest! We encourage the freedom of making our dreams come alive, believing in yourself, and just Getting After It! 

Our ethos is woven into the very fabric of our brand, a narrative of perseverance, community, and unyielding dedication to quality. Every piece of fabric we design is a homage to the Australian lifestyle, engineered to accompany you as you carve your path across the waves of life. We understand that to ride the wave is to embrace its unpredictability, to find harmony in its chaos, and to emerge, triumphant and unscathed, on the other side. We will never lack on quality, that is our promise to you! If we wont wear it, we wont sell it. 

We are a family, A Husband, A Wife, A Son & A Daughter.... oh and a Daughters Boyfriend (we can't forget him!). Our absolute passion is for travelling and exploring all things new. Living life the best we can. Our passion has also turned into our Get After It business. We have massive plans to keep bringing you the goods, so stay tuned! 

Much Love,

Luke, Sonia, Jayden, Mya & Brandon x