Extremely Cool Men's Surf Clothing in Australia

Life is a beach. And we’ve just got the right men’s surf clothing in Australia for you! Get After It® boasts a wide collection of men’s surf tops and bottoms that will complete your surfer look easily! But first, let's take a crash course on what makes a surfer look so appealing.

Do clothes make a surfer? Many big names in fashion think so! That’s why brands like Billabong, Vans, and the like have also entered the surf culture, creating and selling their own surf attire lines. And yes, they're all making a killing on the market, especially during surf season. That said, anyone can rock a surfer look if they know what to wear.

At Get After It®, we have quite a selection of men’s surf clothing in Australia that will bring out your personality. They’re all designed to show the other side of you—the laid-back, relaxed, fun, and easy-going side.


Surfer Tops

What’s a surfer look without a shirt? Well, if you have a great body, that's a plus! But modesty aside, surfer tops give that friendliness and a welcoming vibe. So here’s a sampling of what Get After It® has to offer:

o Surfer Tees. We’ve got crew/round neck or V-neck tees that are made of lightweight materials like cotton or linen so you can feel cool while wearing them. Loose and comfy, our surfer tees are suitable for fun and frolic or casual wear. They come in fun, bold, and colourful designs, some with logos and quotes; or if you prefer, you can have them all in solid colours.

o Surfer Singlets & Tank Tops. If you're looking for a more comfortable fit, then go for our singlets and tank tops! Singlets and tank tops provide enough air circulation so you won’t sweat a lot, keeping you cool in the sun. And speaking of cool, our designs take the cool factor up a notch so you can have that certified surfer look you’re aiming for.


Surfer Bottoms

o Boardshorts. Of course, you need them! Get After It® has a cool collection of boardies that can be perfectly paired with any surfer top. With a comfortable waistband, some boardies even have a waist tie to keep them tight and secure. Made of lightweight materials, ie. polyester or nylon, our comfortable boardies are quick-drying and durable. Just the kind you’ll wear every time you surf.

o Trunks. Used more for diving and swimming, trunks can double as beach bottoms. A note though, it’s not advisable to wear trunks if you're surfing. Trunks leave your thighs open to chafing. But, for a beach getup with a loose tee as your top? Trunks will serve their purpose.

o Hybrid Boardies. These look like your everyday casual shorts but are made for both land and water. They’re quick-drying, and they function like boardies, but they look nothing like boardies. You can wear them in and out of the water as if you’re not out at the beach all day. That’s the beauty of these hybrid boardies.


Putting the “Fun” in Functional Apparel

Founded in Australia, Get After It® designs and develops unique athletic apparel with a focus on fishing and other water sports like surfing, jet skiing, and the like. We create clothing that you can wear at play and outdoors, or for occasions where sporty casual is needed, much like our men’s surf clothing in Australia. We bring the FUN in FUNctional apparel so that you can be comfortable in your own skin. Our designs are practical without sacrificing quality and style. At Get After It®, we want you to do more than just wear it. Live it!