Awesome Men's Skate T-Shirts

Aiming for that skater look? Then Get After It® will help you pull off that look with our men’s skate t-shirts. We know how the skater look has made its indelible mark on modern-day men’s fashion. It has become a statement about urban lifestyle. More than wearing tees for comfort, they should be both functional when you’re on the skateboard and casually trendy when you’re on the streets. We’re here to offer you the finest collection of men’s skate t-shirts that will help you be cool on and off the board.

A relaxed and loose fit is what you should be looking for in a tee when aiming for a skater look. Make sure that the tees have crew-neck cuts for that realistic skater appearance. The tee should have any of these: big logos with bold fonts, fiery designs, images, and colours, bold stripes, or slogans. Choose tees that are brightly coloured. To look cool and chill, casual tees are the best ones to wear. You get the picture.


Skater Look

Because the skater look has become part of every man’s fashion when going for a casual style, it will definitely be with us for generations. As it is, even young boys go for this kind of look. So don’t be surprised if you find many male teens and adults in this attire. That said, the skater look goes beyond the oversized logo shirts. Here are some tips to achieve that skater look from top to bottom:

o Shorts. They’re not just ordinary pairs of shorts. They’re a pair of shorts that are cut long (knee-level long) and wide (loose fit) providing a loose and comfortable fit. It can be a pair of cargo shorts having large pockets or chino shorts.

o Shoes. Classic sneakers are the way to go if you want to look like an authentic skater. These pairs of rubber shoes can be low-top ones, ie. walking shoes, or high-top ones, ie. basketball shoes. Low-top sneakers give that modern casual and cool vibe while high-top sneakers give that retro feel.

o Pants. Cargo pants are the logical choice for your skater look. You can also choose to wear work pants. These two are the go-to bottoms for many skaters as they are durable and comfortable. There are also a pair of chinos that adds freshness to the skater look. Remember, skater pants have a cropped, wide-leg design or straight-cut look that’s a little bit above your ankles.

o Hoodies. This skater look staple goes along very well with many skater bottoms. Practical and comfy, especially during the cold season, you can wear this to any casual event. Just remember that the hoodies should be loose and thick, and of course, with a logo and graphic art emblazoned on the front.

o Accessories. When aiming for an authentic skater look, you’ll need a classic wallet chain. Wallet chains keep your wallet secure when doing ollies and 360s. It also reinforces that rebellious look. Adding tube socks, backpacks, and logo caps to your skater look is a must. You can also wear a bucket hat or a bum bag.


Putting “Fun” in Functional Apparel

Founded in Australia, Get After It® designs and develops unique athletic apparel with a focus on fishing and other water sports like surfing, jet skiing, and the like. We put FUN in FUNctional apparel by creating clothing you can wear at play and outdoors, or for occasions where sporty casual is needed like our men’s skate t-shirts. Just mix and match and you’re ready to party! It’s our way of putting fun in functional apparel as our designs are practical without sacrificing quality and style. At Get After It®, we want you to do more than just wear it. Live it!