Stunning Men’s Skate Clothing in Australia

While it started in the 70s, the skater look became part of men’s fashion in the 90s. Men’s skate clothing in Australia is enjoying a resurgence time and again and has become a timeless, go-to casual look for males. The skater look is characterised by loose clothing from top to bottom, with the idea that baggy clothing gives protection to skaters when they’re doing their thing, like ollies and 360s. Be that as it may, the skater look combines comfort and function making it the ideal getup for the active male.

Get After It® is your online sports apparel store of choice, especially when you’re on the lookout for men’s skate clothing. Our collection of men’s skate t-shirts will definitely bring out that skater look you’re gunning for, whether you’re going to a party or just going for a stroll. With bold and brightly colourful designs, the tops can easily be matched with loose and baggy pants such as chinos or cargo pants. These pants are essential to complete your skater look.


The Skater Aesthetic

Skaters’ culture values freedom, individuality, and creativity. These characteristics sometimes clash with the old ways that gave rise to this fashion statement among many skateboarders. The sport itself was rebellious or non-conformist when it began. It was also associated with rock and roll, art, partying, and hip-hop. It’s a sport where self-expression and creativity are valued, so you won’t find boarders wearing uniforms, for example, basketball jerseys. The value of individuality is highlighted by the skateboard itself; the ’board is an extension of the ‘boarder.

But the beauty of aiming for a skater look is that you don’t have to have a skateboard to achieve the look of a skater. Just choose pieces with a relaxed fit. Get After It® has an impressive collection of skater tops that have colourful, fiery, and bold designs. We also carry loose and thick hoodies to go along with your skater getup. For bottoms, we’ve stocked cargo pants and chinos to match your skater tees or hoodies—perfect for casual settings where you have to wear pants. And yes, we’ve got skater shorts too! These bottoms are loose and comfortable, embodying skater's fashion perfectly.


Functional Fashion at Its Finest

Skater’s outfit is a fashionable getup that serves its function. That said, the tops and bottoms fit loosely as they provide protection when the skater does some ‘board stunts. It also allows a lot of room for manoeuvres and other tricks that can be performed on the 'board. The number of pockets in the pants is usually filled with things a skater needs, from chain wallet to gums, bandanna, and other stuff.

In designing our sports apparel, Get After It® always blends functionality with fashion. Especially if you’re the active type ready for the next adventure…or party! We believe that athletic wear can also double as casual wear, given the right design and flair. Our mindset is that clothing should both be fashionable and functional, serving the practical needs of the casual wearer. That said, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in our assortment of athletic apparel, and then some!


A Fusion of Fun and Style

Founded in Australia, Get After It® designs and develops unique athletic apparel with a focus on fishing and other water sports like surfing, jet skiing, and the like. Our clothing is a fusion of fun and style, where you can wear our apparel at play and outdoors, or for occasions where sporty casual is needed. Very much like our men’s skate clothing in Australia. Just mix and match and you’re ready to party! At Get After It®, the clothes we make fit your lifestyle. We want you to do more than just wear it. Live it!