Festive Men’s Hawaiian Shirt

Aloha! Nothing beats a summertime look like wearing a cool, comfortable top like a men’s Hawaiian shirt from Get After It®. We’re proud to say that we have an abundance of Hawaiian tops for men. These tops have designs and prints that are evocative of summertime, having fun and frolicking under the sun, strolling by the beach, and riding the waves. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt means enjoying a laid-back lifestyle, especially when summer arrives. Find the most appropriate men’s Hawaiian shirt in our collection and complete the casual getup that’s uniquely you.

For the record, Hawaiian shirts come in different variations. We’re happy to say that we at Get After It® are aware of these variations. We're sharing them with you so you can find the ideal shirt to match your summer look. If you are pretty observant though, you’ll notice the variations these Hawaiian shirts have, no matter how subtle some of them may be.


The Variations

o All-Over Prints. As the name suggests, these shirts are the most common of them all. It features repeated print designs all over. They do not quite match up completely, creating that seamless image at the buttons.

o Scenic Prints. Again, as the name suggests, these shirts feature scenery instead of repeating floral or leaf patterns. Very much like All-Over Prints, these shirts also do not match up completely at the buttons, creating a seamless image of the scenery.

o Panel Prints. These are shirts with vertical prints on both sides. Design prints vary but they’re usually flowers or leaves in a repeating pattern. Some panel prints may extend to the back of the shirt. And usually, the sleeves also feature the same designs.

o Border Prints. While Panel Prints are vertical, border prints are just horizontal. The various designs span from left to right of the shirt. If you want to be OC about it, when the print is at the bottom of the shirt, spanning from left to right, it is sometimes called a Bottom Design Hawaiian shirt.

o Matched Prints. Matched Prints have seamless images at the buttons providing you with a design that looks uninterrupted or continuous, even at the buttons. Many Hawaiian prints like Border Prints and Scenic Prints do not match at the buttons.

o Matched Pockets. Imagine having a Matched Print Hawaiian shirt with pockets. But you can’t see the pockets as they’re perfectly matched with the shirt’s design! That’s the beauty of this Matched Pocket design.

o Engineered Prints. These Hawaiian shirts require purposeful positioning of the patterns based on the shirt cuts and seams. This means that the print design elements are intentionally and strategically placed in relation to the finished product. For example, a leafy vine can be the printed design along the buttons running in front of the shirt, or a floral design is strategically placed on the breast pocket of the shirt.

If you’re looking for a men’s Hawaiian shirt, check out our wide selection of designs. For sure, you’ll buy more than one of them!


Jolly, Fun, and Functional

Founded in Australia, Get After It® designs and develops unique athletic apparel with a focus on fishing and other water sports like surfing, jet skiing, and the like. We create clothing that you can wear at play and outdoors, or for fun and jolly occasions where sporty casual is needed, just like our men’s Hawaiian shirt. Our apparel is a fusion of fun and functionality, where you can wear them and be comfortable in your own skin. Our designs are practical without sacrificing quality and style. At Get After It®, we want you to do more than just wear it. Live it!