The Best Men's Surf Tees

The surfer look is a sporty style that has been with us for decades. And a men’s surf tees is just the tip of this classic look. Good thing Get After It® has a selection of men’s surf tees that will surely make heads turn whenever and wherever you wear them. That’s because we’re the experts on sporty, comfortable, and casual clothing. We know that loose tees and baggy shorts and pants are essentials for surfer fashion. We offer you our colourful collection of surfer tops that we’ve designed just for the surfer in you!

But what makes surfer style tick? More than the attitude you wear, the clothes themselves are functional and comfortable. It gives off that summer vibe, of laid-back afternoons by the beach, of fun and frolic under the sun. That’s why our men’s surf tees reflects these vibes with bright colours and patterns in a relaxed, loose, and comfortable fit giving you so much room to move and feel cool during the hot days of summer.


Crew or Round Neck Tees

Rock that surfer look with our crew neck tees by pairing them with swim shorts, board shorts, or trunks! Whatever you pair them with, you'll turn heads with our eye-catching tops. Crew or round neck t-shirts are designed to absorb sweat. That alone will make you feel incredibly cool. The tee's round neckline sits near the collarbone. And as all surfer tees are, the crew neck shirts are relaxed and comfortable, just perfect for surfing and other physical activities under the sun.

Get After It® has crew neck t-shirts that are made of lightweight materials like cotton or linen to keep the body cool. The shirts come in colourful designs, solid hues, and fun and bold graphics. We also have white and black crew neck tees if you choose to go for a classic and conservative look. Whatever your choice may be, you’ll always look great in any of our surfer tees!


V-Neck Tees

Trivia: V-neck shirts were created so that men could open up their dress shirts on hot and humid days without the visible neckline of a round or crew neck shirt. They were invented at a time when men regularly wore collared dress shirts, typically with neckties.

Now that you know, V-neck shirts have come a long way. These shirts are suitable for men who work out to emphasise their thick necks and traps. Be that as it may, the tees are more comfortable and breathable than crew neck shirts. This means any guy can wear them too, regardless of body type. Usually, V-necks are made of cotton or mixed cotton and, just like crew neck tees, are available in many colours and designs. And yes, V-necks have different necklines like scoop neck, deep V, deep scoop, etc. Get After It® is proud to say that when you wear any of our variety of V-neck tees, people will make a double-take when you walk past them.


We Are the “Fun” in Functional Apparel

Founded in Australia, Get After It® designs and develops unique athletic apparel with a focus on fishing and other water sports like surfing, jet skiing, and the like. We create clothing that you can wear at play and outdoors, or for occasions where sporty casual is needed, just like our men’s surf tees. Just mix and match and you’re ready to party! We bring the FUN in FUNctional apparel so that you can be comfortable in your own skin. Our designs are practical without sacrificing quality and style. At Get After It®, we want you to do more than just wear it. Live it!